Welcome To DGS

We’re a dedicated and established gaming community, wanting to create the best community experience for our members and players . We don’t have a style — we have standards.

Why DGS Is Unique

We try to be different in the way a gaming community should be ran. We provide the foundation to any individual who does not have the time, financing, or technical knowledge to run the back end of a community such as - websites, servers, etc. This allows these individuals to run their own unique projects, hire their own staff, and grow as big as they want while wearing the DGS branding.

How Projects Work

The Project Manager oversees lower administration, server growth, and overall success of the respected project.


Wear the Deluxe Gaming Society tags with pride! All projects are branded with the DGS name.


We will host your server but you will need to hire your own developers or develop yourself.

Game Staff

You can hire your own staff and make your own rules. As long as they follow our community guidelines.


You can design your project the way you want it and not worry about the technical side of things.


Your project is your own to run. We are here to support your project in any way to help you get it perfect.


You will utilize our central community forum for your communities communication and announcements.


Our project system allows your server to grow as big as you want it to with our support 100% of the way.


You can utilize our secure website to process donations/shops and get 85% of what you get.