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    Code of Conduct



    DGS does not care to engage in the constant policing of its Members. If a problem should arise online between two or more Members which cannot be resolved by the parties in a quick manner, or if it affects the enjoyment of the community by other Members, or could hinder the operation of the community, the parties involved should check to see if a staff member is on to help resolve the matter. If any Members feel that the matter was not adequately resolved by the staff member, then such member may submit his or her grievance in writing to the Administration Director, or Owner. The decision reached by the DA and/or Owner shall be final in all such matters.



    A. General Rules of Conduct


    1. No spamming.


    2. No Racial slurs or bullying.


    3. No advertising other groups/servers.


    4. No trolling, toxicity, or any other nuisance behavior.


    5. During the website registration process, you must provide & maintain a personal email address to keep a good standing with DGS. Failure to maintain the said email can equal a removal of the user without notice. 


    6. You may only hold one registration with the DGS community.




    B. Staff Conduct


    1. Do your job!


    2. No abusing the admin actions on Teamspeak/Discord or in-game. This includes moving, banning, kicking, whispering, or any other nuisance behavior.


    3. Must have a place where people can go to appeal bans.


    4. All Staff will administrate in a neutral/unbiased manner.


    5. Community Admins may not administer any case that their involved in.

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