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Thank you for joining us at Deluxe Gaming Society. We are a dedicated group of gamers that want to provide a community experience like no other. We host a multitude of game servers and are always looking for projects to bring on board. We hope you enjoy your time here!
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Milsim Unit

Welcome to the MSOT 8202 Realism Unit. We are dedicated to a realistic flight and ground unit experience with a casual setting until mission critical. We simulate the Marine Special Operations Team 8222 with support from the 160th Special Operations Air Regiment. We offer an in-depth enthusiastic roleplay experience.
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FiveM Server

Deluxe Gaming Society is proud to have a new take on a FiveM roleplay server. Our server has a custom coded framework that allows us to provide a deep and realistic experience. This custom framework consists of a no grind environment allowing you to have a more desirable and in-depth experience.
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  2. In this thread you will find the training updates. If you want to host a training please PM @F.Fly or @J. Strike
  3. The 26th HICOM appreciates every message and tries to work on every concern you have. If you have a concern, question or feedback which you would not like to post on the forum, just PM 1st Lt F. Fly or MSgt J. Strike.
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  6. 04/26/2019 Briefing Start: 2100 EST (9pm) Mission Start: 2115 EST (9pm) Please try to show up 15-30 mins earlier to get your loadout and be ready for briefing!!! All members need to try to respond with their attendance before the operation starts! Please respond with one of the following options: Will attend Will not attend Maybe able to attend Missions details will be available to members on Wednesday 04/24/2019
  7. All new guys joining 3/5th are required to do a boot camp training before joining in a op. NO EXCEPTIONS! if you have any questions please get with me. reply to this thread with "understood" i need to make sure EVERYONE understands this. this goes for anyone of the rank PVT. you will be promoted after basic is completed. 2ndLt R. Hicks 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines
  8. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y5E2bbTzotEP9rC13PJDwtVkMXSu7LKa4OV5fXsIifw/edit?usp=sharing please follow this for your loadouts 2ndLt R. Hicks 3rd battalion, 5th Marines
  9. patrick8996


    Thanks for joining Deluxe Gaming Society. I always enjoy seeing members from all over the world. It's always nice to see that our little community has now grown outside North America. I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to either @Rattle or myself. Again thanks for joining us here!
  10. Lee


    So, im lee nice to meet you all, im from israel, i served in the IDF before many years, love to play arma, most of the time i was with milsim units in many roles like sniper, teamleader, engineer etc, my highest rank was sgt maj, in some big unit.. sorry about my english cause its not my main language, hope to play here and enjoy.
  11. will not be able to attend
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