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  • Game Rules:

    Disclaimer: Staff members have final say in any situation, do not argue, do not complain. If you are doing something a staff member tells you not to do, stop. Staff will punish at their discretion.

    1. No FRP, VDM, or RDM.
    FRP: Also known as Fail Role-play. FRP is roleplaying something unrealistic, or in an unrealistic fashion. This includes, spawning in vehicles in front of other players, changing your character out in the open, getting killed and then reviving immediately afterwards, changing vehicles while in a police pursuit while driving.
    VDM: Also known as Vehicle Deathmatch. VDM happens when someone intentionally hits you with a vehicle, without previous contact or communication, and drive off like nothing ever happened, failing to role-play the scene out. This includes running into all the vehicles parked at the police station, pulling out in front of someone attempting to hit them, plowing through a scene full of people roleplaying killing a lot of people.
    RDM: Also known as Random Deathmatch. RDM is when someone kills you intentionally without making previous contact with you. This includes killing someone for no reason, opening fire on a crowd of people without the intention to role-play, killing people on a scene without being involved in.
    2. Do not cause constant priorities. This means, do not rob a store or bank constantly one after another. Spread out, make peaceful role-plays with others.
    3. Do not spam props and or vehicles.

    4. Do not cop-bait. Cop-baiting means, constantly doing something to get the attention of law enforcement. This includes, constantly speeding past cops going 100MPH+, doing burnouts or drifting around or next to a cop, constantly honking your horn while following cop, driving off every single time you are getting pulled over, kicking cop cars attempting to get attention.
    5. Do not exploit or hack. This includes using external mod menus that were not implemented into the server, script hook bypasses, altering vehicle handling. meta(s) to adjust the speed of vehicles. Doing this will result in an instant permanent ban and removal from the community and server.
    6. Being racist or using any racial word or slang will also result in an instant ban from all servers and Discords.
    7. Threatening people or the server with real life events or actions will result in a ban.
    8. Do not spam in voice chat or chat. This includes, panic buttons, 911 calls, and advertisements.
    9. You can not fly any aircraft without the proper licenses. Doing this will result in a kick or ban.
    10. Respect everyone.

    11. Do not go around killing random NPC’s, or shooting at passing cars.
    12. Overly excessive reckless driving will result in a kick.
    13. RDM, VDM, FRP, or priorities that required more than 3 units will result in a kick while peacetime is enabled.
    14. You can not steal an emergency vehicle without a staff members permission. This in includes, EMS and law enforcement.
    15.As a civilian you can not role play as emergency services, this includes federal agencies and so forth, without a staff members permission.
    16. To do complicated role-plays like presidential transports, you’ll need a staff member’s permission and supervision.
    17. You are not allowed to have armor on your vehicles or bullet proof tires. You can only have 20% armor if you have a roll cage. You can have any amount of armor on a motorcycle / 2 wheeled motorized vehicle.
    18. You can not revive after claiming you have been shot in the vest or in the leg. When you are dead, you are dead. It is way too hard to moderate when people claim that they were shot in one place, but on another person’s screen, they could be shot in a different place.
    19.  As law enforcement, you are allowed to have 40% armor on vehicles. This is because of the fact that most if not all law enforcement vehicles that are produced nowadays are armored to some extent.
    20. You are not allowed to use vehicles that are armored. By this, I mean vehicles that spawn in are armored by default. Nor are you allowed to use weaponized vehicles. Using either one of these could result in an instant ban.
    21. Civilians are not permitted to use the sniper rifle, permission may be given by staff, for certain RP scenarios. Only exception for this is hitman RP.
    22. The ratio for LEO and Civs will split in half, although civs will take majority. for example, if there are 2 cops and 2 civs, and another player joins, they must go civ until a replacement civilian joins.


    Hitman Rules:

    Must notify the hit person that they will be killed. via text or voice.

    Same person - 50 minutes
    Different person - 40 minutes

    Must give 5 minutes after notifying the person to defend themselves. A Hitman is never permitted to kill more than one person during his/her hit. i.e. A sniper CANNOT kill another person if his/her hit had been completed. The next objective would be to escape.




    Gruppe6 Rules:
    You can use any of the following weapons while being an active Gruppe Security. THESE are strictly limited to being for Gruppe Security. Using these for another department will result in a suspension.***




    gruppe1 - Crown vic
    gruppe2 - Dodge Charger
    gruppe3 - SUV