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Deluxe Gaming Society offers a unique chance to run your own community, without the normal cost associated with owning and running it yourself. All you have to do is brand under DGS, follow the community guideline, policies, procedures, and conduct, and use our forum as the central point of community engagement. The cost? free. We want to see the DGS name go globally and we want to see a variety of servers with our names on it. Just submit a project request below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Deluxe Gaming Society

Thank you for joining us at Deluxe Gaming Society. We are a dedicated group of gamers that want to provide a community experience like no other. We host a multitude of game servers and are always looking for projects to bring on board. We hope you enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to the MSOT 8202 Realism Unit. We are dedicated to a realistic flight and ground unit experience with a casual setting until mission critical. We simulate the Marine Special Operations Team 8222 with support from the 160th Special Operations Air Regiment. We offer an in-depth enthusiastic roleplay experience.
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    These Community Guidelines Are To Be Followed AT ALL TIMES By Every Player, Staff Member, Project Lead, And Member Of This Community And Its Projects.

    Updated 3/19/2019 - Subject To Change At Any Time With No Notice


    No Cyber Bullying, Hate Speech, or Racism- We will not tolerate members verbally abusing other members for reasons that go against the inclusive nature of our community. Furthermore, even if members have a disagreement unrelated to this mission statement, it should be taken to a community staff member, not hashed out on the forums or in any of our social platforms including twitter, teamspeak, etc. This includes not berating one another for failing to perform up to your standards. Criticism should always remain polite and constructive.


    No Trolling, Toxicity, Or Nuisance Behavior  - We do not condone "trolling", be it in games or on forums. It is one thing if everyone on a given team decides to try something out of meta, or to have a silly conversation or make jokes with one another during games, but please refrain from ruining another members experience by trolling. This includes but is not limited to: threatening to feed/afk, making troll picks in ranked games (Sona jungle is not a thing), or friendly kills in FPS games.


    Advertising Of Other Communities/Servers Is Strictly Prohibited - You are not allowed to advertise other groups, communities, voice servers, game servers, websites, etc that are owned or operated by anyone outside of the Deluxe Gaming Society community. This is a simple and easy rule to follow and is basic common courtesy.  


    Stealing From Members is Strictly Prohibited - This obviously does not apply to every game we play. However, some games allow players to "own" property or items in game that can be stolen or destroyed in game. Members are STRICTLY prohibited from stealing or destroying the property of fellow members. If you are caught intentionally doing this (mistakes are an exemption), you will be ejected from the community. This also includes "Awoxing" (if it is proven that you led members into a trap where people outside the community perform the theft or destruction, you are just as guilty).


    Community Membership - DGS members must be at least 13 years old to participate in community wide events (with the exception of in-house community events where age restriction is lifted). In addition,  DGS members must be in good standing with the community and must abide by all rules and regulations both of the community, and of the developer for the game in question.


    Cheating/Hacking - Cheating and/or hacking is strictly prohibited. Win with dignity. Lose with grace. A victory won by cheating is not a victory. Win by skill, strategy, teamwork and intellect. Lose while doing your best and applying the aforementioned traits and your community will still be proud to represent you.


    Live Streaming - Streamers must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the stream providers and hosts (ie- Twitch.tv, etc.) and must behave in a way that is consistent with the values of Deluxe Gaming Society. If mature language is used regularly, the streamer must indicate the stream is not suitable for younger audiences. Cyber Bullying and Hate Speech are not allowed, as it is always in violation of our community and their company values. While streaming, you represent our community, and we expect you to represent the community in a professional manner.


    Rule Enforcement


    First Offenses - Minor first offenses result in a warning. Moderate to severe first offense may result in restricted rights to access voice communications, temporary server bans, etc. Offenses related to live streaming, interviews, or with other avenues of widespread exposure are always considered more serious offenses.

    Repeated Offenses - Repeated minor offenses can result in restricted rights, temporary server bans, etc. Continued offensive behavior will result in permanent bans from servers, and potential removal from the community depending on the nature of the offense. Repeated severe offenses will result in immediate permanent bans from applicable servers, and potential removal from the community.

    Server/Project Specific Offenses - Some rules are server specific and apply to people in those servers or projects, but do not necessarily infringe upon community rules. Infringement of server specific rules will be enforced by the leadership of that project or server admins individually, as they see fit. Certain enforcement can be challenged by the community executives (to determine if the enforcement ruling was unduly strict) on a case-by-case basis. 

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