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Thank you for joining us at Deluxe Gaming Society. We are a dedicated group of gamers that want to provide a community experience like no other. We host a multitude of game servers and are always looking for projects to bring on board. We hope you enjoy your time here!
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Milsim Unit

Welcome to the MSOT 8202 Realism Unit. We are dedicated to a realistic flight and ground unit experience with a casual setting until mission critical. We simulate the Marine Special Operations Team 8222 with support from the 160th Special Operations Air Regiment. We offer an in-depth enthusiastic roleplay experience.
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FiveM Server

Deluxe Gaming Society is proud to have a new take on a FiveM roleplay server. Our server has a custom coded framework that allows us to provide a deep and realistic experience. This custom framework consists of a no grind environment allowing you to have a more desirable and in-depth experience.
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  • Milsim Applications Are Now Open!
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R. Garris

Officer Team Leader
  • Enlistment Date

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  • Capt R. Garris


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      1 day and 6 hours
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      1 day and 6 hours


  1. Name

    R. Garris

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Officer Team Leader

Combat Unit

Headquarter Element

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Soldier is not assigned to any administrative units.