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Deluxe Gaming Society offers a unique chance to run your own community, without the normal cost associated with owning and running it yourself. All you have to do is brand under DGS, follow the community guideline, policies, procedures, and conduct, and use our forum as the central point of community engagement. The cost? free. We want to see the DGS name go globally and we want to see a variety of servers with our names on it. Just submit a project request below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Deluxe Gaming Society

Thank you for joining us at Deluxe Gaming Society. We are a dedicated group of gamers that want to provide a community experience like no other. We host a multitude of game servers and are always looking for projects to bring on board. We hope you enjoy your time here!
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Milsim Unit

Welcome to the MSOT 8202 Realism Unit. We are dedicated to a realistic flight and ground unit experience with a casual setting until mission critical. We simulate the Marine Special Operations Team 8222 with support from the 160th Special Operations Air Regiment. We offer an in-depth enthusiastic roleplay experience.
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True City RP Server

Deluxe Gaming Society is proud to host a unique FiveM roleplay server. Our server has a custom coded framework that allows us to provide a deep and realistic experience. This custom framework consists of multiple custom coded plugins and features allowing you to have a more desirable and in-depth experience.
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DGS News
  • Welcome To Deluxe Gaming Society! Thanks For Joining Us! Join Us On Our TeamSpeak 3 & Discord Servers!
  • MSOT 8202 Applications Are Now Open! Join The Best Milsim Out There!
  • Please Welcome True City RP To The Deluxe Gaming Society Family! Check Out The Join Guide In Their Forum Section And Get Playing!
  • Have An Issue? Create A Post In The Appropriate Section Or Submit A Support Request By Clicking The Support Tab At The Top Of The Page.
  • Want To Lead Your Own Project? Submit A Support Request By Clicking Support At The Top Of The Page!



    DGS is a  dedicated and established gaming community, wanting to create the best community experience for our members and players. We don’t have a style — we have standards.


    DGS Executive’s may change this COC at any time.


    General Rules of Conduct


    1. No spamming.


    2. No Racial slurs or bullying.


    3. No advertising other groups/servers.


    4. No trolling, toxicity, or any other nuisance behavior.


    5. During the website registration process, you must provide & maintain a personal email address to keep a good standing with DGS. Failure to maintain the said email can mean removal of the user without notice.


    6. You may only hold one registration with the DGS community.


    7. DGS does not care to engage in the constant policing of its Members. If a problem should arise online between two or more Members which cannot be resolved by the parties in a quick manner, or if it affects the enjoyment of the community by other Members, or could hinder the operation of the community, the parties involved should check to see if a game/community staff member to help resolve the matter. If any Members feel that the matter was not adequately resolved by the staff member, then such member may submit his or her grievance in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, or Chairman. The decision reached by the CEO and/or Chairman shall be final in all such matters.



    B. Staff Conduct


    1. Do your job!


    2. No abusing the admin actions on Teamspeak/Discord or in-game. This includes moving, banning, kicking, whispering, or any other nuisance behavior.


    3. Must have a place where people can go to appeal bans.


    4. All Staff will administrate in a neutral/unbiased manner.


    5. Community Admins may not administer their own cases/shenanigans.



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