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  1. LTC C. West

    Zeus OP - 12/9/2018 (PUBLIC)

    Will attend thy operation.
  2. LTC C. West

    Operation Clear Eclipse

    Will Attend
  3. LTC C. West

    I&A (No Mods) Server!

    The official launch of our Invade & Annex server was a success. This is a public vanilla mission, that can be used to recruit, enjoy each others company , or even to stare at the sky. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, post them in the general discussion section. IP:
  4. LTC C. West

    Bug Report [TEMPLATE]

    What type of bug occurred?(Please describe in as much detail): Where did it occur?(Website, specific server, TeamSpeak, ect.): How can we recreate the bug?: