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  1. Operation Liberation

    Will Attend
  2. Operation Seism

    Will Attend
  3. Next Map Suggestions

    Name of map: Tanoa Link: DLC What does map offer?: Jungle environment and mountain and so on, seems fun would love to run ops on it.
  4. Operation Green Dryad

    Will Attend
  5. Operation Startup

    Can attend
  6. Best practices - squad building and coms

    well the radio in I&A has custom channels you can add to your "radio" so the use of those might help. I will also take a look at the communication and see what is available on that server if you like.
  7. Operation Kickback

    can attend
  8. Zeus OP - 12/9/2018 (PUBLIC)

    will attend
  9. Operation Clear Eclipse

    Will Attend