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Deluxe Gaming Society - MilSim Donations

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Deluxe Gaming Society is proud to be the first and only MilSim community to donate 25% of its monthly goal to a non-profit/charity group that is voted by the community at the beginning of every month.


We are a dedicated gaming community that wants to give back as much as possible. So we decided to do something that we have not seen any no other community do. We are donating 25% of our monthly donations to a non-profit/charity that is chosen by the community each month. No matter the amount, 25% of that will be donated. We will take the fees out of our percentage and a full 25% of the total donation amount will be donated. Proof will be posted to this thread each month. Please vote on the monthly poll to allow us to choose a group to donate to.


EVERY donation adds to this percentage. It does not matter if we get $5 or the full goal. 25% of whatever we receive is donated.


If you have a suggestion or a group you would like to donate to please post here and we will add it to the poll next month.


All the staff here at Deluxe Gaming Society thanks you for being a part of the community and we appreciate your support in any way you can help.


Click HERE To Donate

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